Chuck Stern Ceramics

Chuck Stern Paintings

The paintings are predominately oil on canvas (earlier pieces) or board. Some include acrylics, tape, screws, wire and/or plexi.

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New Work

  • A Second Chance

    "A Second Chance"
    Collection P. Arbour

  • Working Over

    "Working Over"
    C Hinman 30" x 38"

  • In All Directions

    "In All Directions"
    30" x 38"

  • Layers For G

    "Layers For G"
    20' x 48'
    Collection K. Murphy

  • Silk Road

    "Silk Road"
    30" x 38"

  • This Too

    "This Too"
    40" x 30"

  • Travel Back

    "Travel Back"
    30' x 38'

Chance Encounters

  • Lunch with Frederick

    "Lunch with Frederick"
    30" x diameter

  • Chance Encounters/Thread

    "Chance Encounters/Thread"
    42" x 42"

  • Chance Encounters

    "Chance Encounters
    48" x 40"

  • Round 1

    38" diameter

  • Floating Fans/Sakai

    "Floating Fans/Sakai"
    42" Square

  • Outside the Wall

    "Outside the Wall"

  • Blues in c sharp minor

    "Blues in c sharp minor"
    38" diameter

  • Turn Around

    "Turn Around"
    Collection P. Arbour

  • Soul Responsibilty

    "Soul Responsibilty"
    20" x 48"

  • Chance Encounters/Sikander

    "Chance Encounters/Sikander"
    Collection of P. Arbour


  • john-cage_school-of-athens.jpg

    "John Cage and the School of Athens"

  • after-pompeii_tryptych

    "Perhaps Wild Thy(ime)"
    Collection of P. Arbour

  • after-pompeii_tryptych

    "After Pompeii" Tryptych
    24x60 each

  • after-parade

    "After Parade"

  • red-square-for-josef

    "Red Square for Josef"
    42h - 36w

  • gregorys-walk

    "Gregory's Walk"
    Collection of P. Arbour

  • the-laundress-and-st-anne

    "The Laundress and St. Anne"
    42h - 36w

  • the-lamb-and-the-p-bear

    "The Lamb and The Bear"
    60h - 72w

  • 7white-comp.jpg

    "First Law"

  • 6tsunami.jpg

    "Memory's Edge"

  • 5tiepolosdream.jpg

    "Tiepolo's Dream"
    Collection of L. and S. Stern

  • 4swirlsandorange.jpg

    "Convex Improvisation"

  • 3surreal.jpg


  • 2dotsandyellow.jpg

    "Small Revelations"
    Collection of P. Sugar

  • green-comp_8-endings.jpg

    "Green composition with 8 endings"


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RELATIONSHIPS - Thoughts on the new paintings.
These pieces, at least while in progress, are about relationships; what color next to which, what pattern or shape moves the piece along or hinders its (my) progress? What happens when the paint physically engages with the drawn shape - or is ignored - or is obscured by it? What excites? What calms? What opens? What gathers? Often small changes answer large questions.

I work thru the relationships and the mood that those relationships engender with much patience, as these works often take a while to reveal themselves.

Sure, I wanted to have a painting - I’m not innocent of that lustful thought - of the aggressive action, but the result of that act is a progeny of uncertain parentage and an entity that in no small way, gave birth to itself.

Then are the paintings, after they’re completed, about relationships and moods and intentions - or are they wide open to interpretation? Because there is no obvious “subject” does that leave only the process? Does it matter how we got here?